Bobtail, Truck & Trailer

We offer efficient and reliable bobtail, truck, and trailer deliveries to ensure that your fuel supply

Biodiesel & Biosolvents

Northgate Petroleum is dedicated to environmentally responsible fuel solutions.

Clear and Red DyeD Diesel

Our selection of clear and red dye diesel fuels cater to various industrial applications.

Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel

We provide ultra low sulfur diesel (ULSD) for industries that demand cleaner-burning fuels.

All Grades of Gasoline

For retail stations or other industries requiring gasoline, we offer a complete range of gasoline 

Renewable Diesel

Join the sustainable energy movement with our renewable diesel offering.

Kerosene and Heating Oil

Stay warm during colder months with our kerosene and heating oil products.

Ethanol-Free Gasoline

For applications where ethanol-free fuel is essential, Northgate Petroleum 

Aviation Fuels

Safety and performance are paramount in the aviation industry, and our aviation fuels

Agricultural Products

For over a century, Northgate Petroleum has been a trusted partner to the agricultural community.

Industrial Solutions

In the industrial sector, reliable and efficient lubrication is crucial to maintaining optimal performance

Commercial Applications

Northgate Petroleum understands the diverse lubrication needs of commercial operations.

Automotive Excellence

As an authorized supplier for the automotive industry, we provide top-grade lubricants and oils that meet